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Petzl Zyper Y

The way it works is simple, it is a two tailed lanyard with a carabiner at each end and a patented metal energy absorber in the middle. You clip the ZYPER into your harness with a quick link or a locking carabiner, and then use the lanyards as you normally would while moving along, always having one "tail" of the lanyard clipped at all times. It is important to have only one side clipped while moving along as the ZYPER absorbs energy by permitting one side of the lanyard to slide through the metal device in the event of a fall, thereby diminishing the shock load on the gear and yourself.

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5/8" X 6" Threaded Rod

Hot Dip Galvanized

Threaded Rod without Nuts, with 2 Heavy Hex Nuts or 2 Square Nuts.

Diameter: 5/8"

Length: 6"

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With or Without Nuts

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