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Rope Accessories: Bags, Cutters, Markers, Measurers & Washers

Once you have purchased any of our high quality rope it is your responsibility to take care of your rope. We have Rope Bags, Electric Rope Cutters, Rope ID Markers, a Rope Measurer, Rope Washers and a couple other items for rope handling needs.

PMI Rope Bag

PMI’s exclusive combination of features includes double sewn seams that reinforce the stress points when stuffing your favorite rope. Three sizes to keep gear clean and organized.


Key Features:

  • Double sewn seams
  • 1000 denier heavy coated Cordura®Drawstring closure
  • 1” tubular handles with rope insert
  • 5/8” grommet on the side of the bag 
  • Pocket for rope history card (Included)
  • Internal clip-in loop at bottom of bag

Capacity: Small holds 150' - 11mm rope

            Medium holds 230' - 11mm rope

               Large holds 330' - 11mm rope

Choose from 4 colors.

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Electric Rope Cutter and Accessories

The Box-Type Cutter which is quick to heat up and will slice through your rope. We also offer replacement blades and the little post collars to secure the cutter blade for the Box Type Rope Cutter, each sold separately.









$135.00  Hot Box Cutter

Choose Cutter, Blade or Post Collar(s)

Rope ID Markers

Identify your specific use of each rope with these write-on, self-laminating labels for ropes. 

Indoor and outdoor use. 
Labels are 1" x 2 1/2" with 3/4" x 1" writing area. 

60 Labels per pack.



CMI Rope Washers

The unique flow pattern created by the exclusive ducting creates a high-pressure spiraling flow pattern that lifts dirt and contaminants out of rope better than conventional designs. Constructed from tough PVC, attaches to any standard spigot or garden hose. Two sizes handle up to 5/8" rope.


Made in USA

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Bokat Rope Washer by PMI®

A built in brush makes this the best cleaning rope washer. Just hook it up to your hose, turn on the water, and pull the rope through the washer. The water loosens dirt and the brush scrubs it off. It is so easy to use.






$44.00  Made in USA

Whip End Dip

Whip-End Dip is a liquid vinyl compound which is applied (at least three (3) coats) to the ends of rope. It seals the ends and prevents them from fraying. Clear color can be used to permanently attach and seal legend data. Other colors can be used for color coding if desired.

4 oz can







$13.50  Choose Color

Choose Color

Rope Tips

Heat Shrink Rope Tips is another way to keep you ropes from unraveling. 

1" Pieces for 7/16"/11mm or 1/2"/12mm Dynamicc or Static Rope.






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