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Tether Ball, Trapeze Bar, Spring Thing & Steel Ladder

Rubber Tether Ball

Excellent for the Pamper Pole.

Official size and weight. Rugged rubber cover, recessed hook and nylon cord.

We ship it to you flat, you supply the air.



Trapeze Bar

An alternative to the tether ball. Great for the Leap of Faith.

An eyebolt at each end for easy installation.

1-1/4" x 36" Fiberglass Rod



Spring Thing

A strange name. We believe Project Adventure gave this apparatus its name. It is used on indoor courses to absorb belay loads. It relieves stress to the structure from where it hangs. It is ideal for taking the jolt of a trapeze jumper. The SPRING must be backed up on critical applications.



Steel Access/Descent Ladder

This ladder is great for either entering or exiting the high confidence course. It should always be dynamically belayed (never static belayed using the ladder itself). Steel cable with aluminum steps.
Length: 32 ft. 

Width: 6" 

Breaking Strength: 1,324 lbs.



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