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Daisy Chains, Etriers, Fidget Ladder Spotting Net & Sewn Runners

CMI Daisy Chains

CMI Daisy Chains

Material: 1" Tubular Webbing

Tensile Strength:

Loops: 3,400 lbs.                 

End to End: 4,000 lbs.

Multiple Lengths Now Available!

Color may vary.

Made in USA.

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Misty Mountain Big Wall & Easy Step Aiders

Big Wall Aider (LEFT)

Classic teardrop 5 steps etriers for moving past the free moves and into the world of aid climbing. 1″ nylon construction, stay open poly reinforced doubled steps.


Easy Step Aider (RIGHT)

5 Step ladder-style aiders with reinforced doubled sub steps and elastic for jugging fixed lines. 1″ nylon.


Sold Individually, colors may vary.


Made in USA

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Fidget Ladder Spotting Net - 11ft. X 11ft.

With the help of 6 - 8 people, holding the border, the spotting net allows spotters to keep a safe distance from a flailing participant trying to fidget his way to the top of a fidget ladder.

1" Webbing making the squares.

2" Webbing around the perimeter.

11' X 11' w/8" Square Grid



Sewn Runners

CMI says: "We don't make any wild claims for our sewn runners--when your bar-tacks are stronger than the webbing, that's all that matters. Ours are. The edge we've got is the best prices in the industry. You owe it to yourself to buy traditional CMI quality and save a buck too!"

Available in Assorted Lengths

Colors may vary.

Tensile Strength: 6,000 lbs.

Made in USA

Choose Lengths in Inches
Choose Lengths in Inches

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