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Belay Devices & Rigging Plates

Steel Twist-Lock Oval Carabiner

Yellow Zinc Plated

This is the carabiner that fits the Yoke Cable Grab. The Yoke Cable Grab was discontinued while being redesigned. We will add it to our website when Yoke releases the new Cable Grab.

It is only 3/8" thick.

1/2" Gate Opening

4-3/16" Over-all Length



$17.50 Fits Yoke Cable Grab


Our Belay Friction Device, very similar to others in the industry, works well with rope up to 11mm. Crafted from high-density aircraft-grade aluminum, the BFD / ATC is engineered to keep your rope running smoothly through the device for quick payouts and long rappels.


Up to 11mm Rope


Flexible Wire Loop




Omega Pacific SBG II

The SBG II offers a wide range of belay options. It deals with rope size issues and climber size issues. Click here for more information.




While supplies last.

Figure 8's

The strongest and most durable line of Figure 8's. We have a Polished Silver 8 and an  Anodized Blue 8. Also a Hardcoat 8 which offers an extended life. All three are versatile and easy to use.




Choose: Classic Silver, Anodized or Hardcoat


Rescue Figure 8

The large upper oval allows free passage of the "heavy-duty" rope combinations common to rescue work. Single, knotted 1/2" ropes, 3/4" ropes and doubled 5/8" ropes all pass with ease. The dual tie-in holes allow the "8" ring to remain attached to the harness while the rope is fed through it and the attaching carabiner. Any possibility of dropping the "8" ring under life-threatening conditions is thus eliminated. Available in Hardcoat Aluminum and Zinc Plated Steel.

Tensile Strength, Aluminum: 10,000 lbs.

Tensile Strength, Steel: 11,250 lbs.

Choose: Aluminum or Steel 


CMI Rigging Plates

Rugged and durable, CMI's Rigging Plates are an important addition to every rescuer's toolkit. Rigging plates simplify rigging by providing numerous tie-in points at a single anchor. Less confusion at anchor points means less room for error, promoting safer operations.

One - 2-1/4" diameter hole & Five - .90" diameter holes

Choose from two designs, crafted from anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

Tensile Strength Aluminum: 13,000 lbs.

Tensile Strength Stainless: 14,000 lbs.

Made in USA

Choose Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Choose Type

Aluminum 'Maxi' Rigging Plate newly redesigned in a more ergonomic form!
CMI Maxi Rigging Plates are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and finished in iridescent purple for instant recognition. Each plate contains one 1.25" anchor hole, eleven 0.75" diameter rigging holes, and one 0.8"x3" slot for rigging anchor straps. The eleven hole design allows for center loading making it useful for stretcher operations.

Made in USA.

* Exceeds tests for national fire protection association standard on fire service life safety rope and system components NFPA 1983-2006 edition.  *Not Certified*


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