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Automatic Dead-Ends, Guy Anchors & Guy Markers

Automatic Dead End Connector


MacLean Power Systems has not allowed the #5202 or #5204 to be used on ropes courses for several years.

Now, Hubbell Power Systems/Fargo GDE5202 for 3/8" cable and the GDE5204 for 1/2" cable are no longer allowed to be used on ropes courses.


Please see this notice from Hubbell.


We still have a few 3/8" Automatic Dead Ends in stock if you need them for an application other than a ropes course.                           

$27.00 each 3/8" while supplies last

Ropes Course Industry Letter
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Guy Marker or Guy Guard

Guy Markers (Guy Guards) are made of high impact UV stabilized plastic and provides durable, high impact, protection for exposed utility pole guy wires, dead end fittings, and anchor rods.

One end is fitted with a stainless steel clamp and bolt for attachment.

 1-1/2" Diameter X 95" Long


We have cut down the 8' Guy Guard to 95" to get around the oversize package surcharge added by UPS.


Please call (800)845-5692 for volume discount on more than 1 case.


$11.95 - Made in USA

For Individual Pieces
Full Case Quantity - 25 pcs.

No-Wrench Ground Guy Anchor

Hot Dip Galvanized

Forged-eye No-Wrench screw anchors are designed to be installed either manually or with power driven equipment. Used to anchor guy cables to the ground. Holding strength varies depending on soil conditions, installlation procedures and alignment. See the chart below. 


For small jobs, like the bottom of a backyard Cargo Net we have added a 1/2" X 30" Rod with a 3" Helix.

Part No. Description Helix Dia.

Rod Dia.

& Length

Holding Capacity-(lbs)             vs Soil Class
        Class 5 Class 6 Class 7
D290 Tripleye® 4" 3/4"x 54" 4500 3000 1500
D290B Tripleye® 6" 3/4"x 66" 6500 5000 2500
D290C Tripleye® 8" 1" x 66" 11000 9000 6000
D290D Tripleye® 10" 1¼"x66" 13000 10000 7000

*Note: If hand installed, holding capacity may be reduced by as much as 10% to 20%. Capacity ratings apply to properly installed anchors only. Failure to install within 5° of alignment with the guy load will significantly lower strength.*RUS Accepted. 


Helix Diameter
Helix Diameter

Class Common Soil-Type Description Geological Soil Classification Probe Values ft.-lb. (NM) Typical Blow Count "N" per ASTM-D1586
0 Sound hard rock, unweathered (bedrock) Granite, Basalt, Massive Limestone N.A. N.A.
1 Very dense and/or cemented sands; coarse gravel and cobbles Caliche, (Nitrate-bearing gravel/rock) over 60
(85 - 181)
2 Dense fine sands; very hard silts and clays (may be preloaded) Basal till; boulder clay; caliche; weathered laminated rock over 50
(68 - 85)
3 Dense sands and gravel; hard silts and clays Glacial till; weathered shales, schist, gneiss and siltstone 42 - 50
56 - 68
4 Medium dense sand and gravel; very stiff to hard silts and clays Glacial till; hardpan; marls 33 - 42
(45 - 56)
5 Medium dense coarse sands and sandy gravels; stiff to very stiff silts and clays Saprolites, residual soils 25 - 33
(34 - 45)
6 Loose to medium dense fine to coarse sands to stiff clays and silts Dense hydraulic fill; compacted fill; residual soils 17 - 25
(23 - 34)
**7 Loose fine sands; Alluvium; loess; medium - stiff and varied clays; fill Flood plain soils; lake clays; adobe; gumbo, fill 8 - 17
(11 - 23)
**8 Peat, organic silts; inundated silts, fly ash very loose sands, very soft to soft clays Miscellaneous fill, swamp marsh under 8
(0 - 11)

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