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Cargo Nets & Rope Ladders

All of our Cargo Nets are manufactured with White Combo Rope that has Green Tracer strands. All of our Nets are hand-spliced so there are taped tails at each splice.

Poly-Dac Rope Combo Rope - White Rope with Green Tracer
Hand-Splice with taped tails

   A question we hear more than any other, when it comes to our Cargo Nets, is "What is the best way to install a cargo net?" We are not sure if this is the best way to hang your cargo net but it certainly seems like a pretty good way to hang it. In a lot of cases you have a wooden play structure so you probably have the 4 X 4 and carriage bolts to hang a cargo net. We try to explain this technique over the phone but like a customer just wrote when we emailed these pictures to him, "A picture tells a thousand words".

   Good Luck with your Cargo Net installation. By the way, if you need carriage bolts, we offer them in our Building Materials section.


We are a manufacturer of custom Cargo Nets, Ship Mast Nets, Tube Nets, Rope Ladders, Firecracker Ladders & Fidget Ladders. Our nets and ladder are constructed of high quality materials and even higher quality workmanship. The Combo Rope, poly-dac rope, we use on our nets will give you years of service. Our ladders also are constructed of combo rope and fitted with poplar wood dowels.

Pictures are to show cargo nets, they are not intended nor should they be used as instructions on 'how to' install a cargo net.

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