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Steel & Aluminum Carabiners


Steel is recommended because:
  1. Steel is more wear-resistant than aluminum.
  2. Steel carabiners are more ductile, thus allowing a greater amount of energy to be absorbed by the carabiner prior to failure.
  3. The ductility also helps the carabiner be more resistant to misuse such as non-straight line loading.
  4. Steel carabiners are inherently more resistant to corrosion in alkaline environments.
  5. When paired with an Aluminum Pulley it is recommended that you use an Aluminum Carabiner as the Steel Carabiner will cause excess wear to the Pulley.

Units of Measurement:

Pounds and kilograms are units of weight measurement (i.e. mass under the influence of gravity). Foot Pounds and kiloNewtons are the correct measurement of the force it takes to break an object. The conversion formula is pounds force(lbf.) = kiloNewtons (kN) divided by .004448. 

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