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Petzl Harnesses

Petzl offers sport and professional harnesses. Full Body, Seat Harnesses as well as Chest Harnesses.


Petzl Gym Harness

Simple adjustable harness without gear loops

Designed for group activities, GYM is a harness without gear loops that is easy to don, adjust and use, facilitating the instructor's routine. The identification and marking areas simplify management of the equipment inventory. The thick webbing offers great durability for intensive use, both indoors and outdoors.



Petzl Panji Harness

Simple, adjustable and very durable harness with gear loops

Designed for group activities, PANJI is an extremely durable harness with gear loops that is easy to don, adjust and use, facilitating the instructor's routine. The wide connection point and gear loops are designed for excellent compatibility with JOKO lanyards and TRAC pulleys. The identification and marking areas simplify management of the equipment inventory. The stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles and thick webbing optimize durability for intensive indoor and outdoor use, even in salty environments.



Petzl Falcon Harness

Lightweight and comfortable seat harness.

Lightweight seat harness with metal ventral attachment point, to distribute weight between the waistbelt and leg loops. The FALCON features a semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops for maximum comfort and self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment. The rear buckle allows a TOP chest harness to be attached.


References C038AA00 C038AA01 C038AA02
Color(s) black/yellow black/yellow black/yellow
Size 0 1 2
Waist belt 65-80 cm 70-93 cm 83-120 cm
Leg loops 44-59 cm 47-62 cm 50-65 cm
Weight 840 g 855 g 885 g
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
Packing 1 1 1






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Petzl Top Chest Harness

Chest harness for seat harness.


The TOP chest harness transforms the FALCON seat harness into a full-body harness. The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders.





Petzl "Simba" Child's Adjustable Full Body Harness

Full body adjustable harness for children less than 40 kg.

SIMBA is an entirely adjustable full-body harness designed to ensure the safety of a child weighing less than 40 kg.








NEW! Petzl "Ouistiti" Child's Full Body Harness

Full body climbing harness for children less than 30 kg
Designed for children weighing less than 30 kg, the OUISTITI harness is especially easy to put on and adjust. It does not require a connector to be fastened, and the adjustment system is difficult for a child to access. The perforated foam structure and the front tie-in point favor comfort while climbing. The rear attachment point allows the child to be connected for other specific activities.


Easy to put on and adjust:
- proper donning is facilitated by holding and shaking the harness from the orange dorsal point
- semi-rigid structure is color-coded (gray foam interior and blue exterior) for easy donning
- primary adjustment is done on the shoulder straps with the DoubleBack buckles
- secondary adjustment, for small or big children, is done with the DoubleBack buckles on the back of the harness
Comfortable to wear on the ground or when suspended:
- quilted closed-cell foam structure on the leg loops, positioning waistbelt and shoulder straps
- does not require connectors to remain fastened, allowing the child to keep wearing the harness for playing without hindrance
- front tie-in point is reinforced and lower, for greater comfort when climbing, particularly during descents
Versatility of use for climbing, youth clubs, and adventure parks
- one size, up to 30 kg
- DoubleBack buckles are out of reach of the child
- front tie-in point is color-coded green, for climbing
- dorsal attachment point is color-coded orange for other specific situations
Material(s): high-strength polyester webbing, closed-cell foam, polyester
Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type B, UIAA
Harness comes in a protective carry bag

Color: Methyl Blue
Weight: 410 g
Waist belt: 58-70 cm
Leg loops: 32-40 cm
Guarantee: 3 years



Petzl "Ouistiti" Child's Full Body Harness

 Full body harness for children less than 30 kg.


Because small children do not have well-defined hips for a waistbelt to latch onto, the full body design is necessary for safety.


$45.00 While Supplies Last, End of Series


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