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Splicing Fids, Hand Swager, Klein Haven Grips, Sledge, Wrench & T-Handle Allen Wrenches

Rope Splicing Fid

Are your fingers sore from splicing rope? Our Fid is the one you've been looking for. It will make you want to splice for everyone. It has a comfortable plastic handle.

Small, 6-1/2" Long, for splicing rope up to 5/8"

Large, 11" Long, for splicing rope 5/8" and up.


Choose Large or Small


Hand Swager

The ultimate tool with a price you can afford - The Hit Tools portable hand swager. This tool will make your life easier. More and more builders are swaging rather than clamping. (Both ways are's your choice) By the way, don't forget the Zinc Plated Copper Swages.

A Compression Gauge is included with each Hand Swager.


Choose 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8"

Choose Size

3/8" Compression Gauge Go-No-Go

Each 3/8" Hit Tools Hand Swager comes complete with a Compression Gauge to verify that you have made a proper crimp on your Zinc Plated Copper Sleeve. If you should lose you Gauge, you can buy one here.


For 3/8".



1/2" Compression Gauge Go-No-Go

Now we offer a Hit Tools Compression Gauge to verify that you have made a proper crimp on your 1/2" Zinc Plated Copper Sleeve.


For 1/2".



Cable Grip w/Latch (Spring Loaded Handle)

That's Right!

This cable grip has a spring-loaded handle which helps the grip hold onto the cable while you are setting up for the pull. It is also equipped with a swing latch.

  • Fits up to 1/2" cable
  • Maximum safe load 5,000 lbs.
  • Made in Taiwan


Klein Haven Grip

Designed for use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor.
Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4" (6.35 mm) cable area.
Has a swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw. Model 1604-20L

Fits up to 1/2" cable
Maximum safe load 5,000 lbs.

Made in USA



Klein Lineman's Sledge

For knocking in the large staples or for all around use to tap in bolts or whatever you want to use it for - it works!

Length 14" Weight: 3 lbs. Fiberglass Handle




Klein Lineman's Wrench (Blue Smasher)

Painted dark blue.

Forged from special bar steel and heat-treated for long life. Each end has two different size openings. 

For use on 5/8" bolts.

Made in USA




Klein Ratcheting Lineman's Wrench

Bolt-through design allows bolts to pass through the socket. 3/4" x 1" x 1-1/8" combination square socket for most common utility hardware. Bright yellow socket for easy visibility. Works on most common utility pole hardware and bolts.

Made in USA



T-Handle Allen Wrench

This is the tool for installing and removing climbing wall holds. Our Allen Wrench has a vinyl grip handle. 

7/32" Fits 3/8" Flat Socket Cap Screws

5/16" Fits 3/8" Socket Head Cap Screws


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