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Lobster Claws & Statics - Spliced Rope

Adjustable Lobster Claws are for positioning only. Not for fall restaint. We no longer offer Adjustable Lobster Claws with Zorbers as they do not meet the new ACCT Standards. All 1/2" Multiline Lanyards & Lobster Claws are tagged with Manufacture Date, Manufacturer, Minimum Breaking Strength(MBS) and product warnings. Call for more details. (800)845-5692

Our Hand Spliced Lobster Claws and Adjustable Lanyards are made with 1/2" Muliline II Rope which offers a 6,700 lb. tensile stength. Please be aware, even though the Multiline has a 6,700 lb. tensile strength, Lanyards are only rated for 4,000 or 5,000 pounds depending on the style you choose. We offer Lobster Claws that are non-adjustable or adjustable. We offer them with or without double locking snap hooks and or Zorbers. With our hand spliced adjustable lanyards you have a choice of a metal thimble or a girth loop at one end and a prusik knot at the other which facilites the adjustment. 


If you need a custom spliced Lobster Claw or Lanyard; submit a contact form or call (800)845-5692 and we will be happy to assist you.

Tie-In Options: Here we show three tie-in options for adjustable lanyards as well as Non-Adjustable and Adjustable Lobster Claws without a Zorber. From left to right we have a Girth Loop, a Metal Thimble and a Plastic Thimble. The advantage to a Girth Loop is that you don't need a carabiner to attach your lanyard or lobster claws to your harness. The metal thimble offers a strong connection point. The plastic thimble offers a secure connection point. The plastic thimble has keeper which hold the thimble in place making it virtually impossible to remove the thimble. All are acceptable. You make your own choice.

Zip Pulley Lanyards - Rope

Our Multiline Rope Zip Tethers are spliced with 1/2" or 5/8" rope. We use a plastic tear-drop shaped thimble at each end. 

Main Tether: 36"

Back-Up Tether: 48"

Choose: 1/2" or 5/8"

MBS: 5,000 lbs.

Choose Diameter & Length

Zip Pulley Hand Holds - Rope

These Zip Pulley Hand Holds are spliced using 5/8" Multiline II Rope. We put a metal thimble at the top so a steel carabiner or rapid link can be used to attach them to the Zip Pulley. You will note these hand holds do not have hand loops like the webbing type we offer. Remember, when using hand holds participant must still be attached to zip pulley with Zip Tether(s). Hand Holds are to keep rider orientated while riding and do not take the place of a zip tether.





$15.00  Made in USA

Adjustable Lanyard - Rope

1/2" Multiline II Rope

Adjust 44" - 6'

Choose Girth Loop, Metal Thimble or Plastic Thimble at tie-in point. 

MBS: 4,000 lbs.





$18.00 Made in USA

Choose Tie-In Point

Zorber, Double Locking Snap Hooks & Plastic Thimbles

Choose Item

    These instructions apply to theZORBER®, which is designed to dissipate the energy of a fall arrest by the progressive tearing of a precisely woven nylon material. The ZORBER® is activated by a force of approximately 450 pounds. When tested by dropping a 282 pound weight six feet, the ZORBER® will reduce the average arresting force to 900 pounds. This reduction in arresting force may reduce the possibility of injury during a fall. Energy-absorbing lanyards may extend upto 60 inches during a fall arrest.

  We now offer the Standard Eye & Eye Zorber as shown and a Zorber with the small eye on one end and an 8" twisted eye on the other end so your Zorber can be girth hitched to your harnesses belay loop. The other two options incorporate a D-Ring. One has a small eye at one end and a D-Ring on the other end. And finally, a Girth-Loop on one end and a D-Ring on the other end. The D-Ring allows you the ability to splice two separate legs, onto the D-Ring, without being jubbled up on a small eye.

    The Double Locking Snap Hook is heat treated, forged steel. It has been 100% Proof Loaded @ 3,600 lb. The gate is 3,600 lbs. 

Minimum Breaking Load: 5,000 lbs.

    We offer 2 sizes of Plastic/Nylon Thimbles. The 1/2" Thimbles are white and the 5/8" Thimbles are black.

Adjustable Lobster Claws - Rope

1/2" Multiline II Rope

Adjust 3' - 5'6"

Choose a girth loop, metal thimble or plastic thimble at the tie-in point.

Rated at 4,000 lbs.




Adjustable Lobster Claws are for positioning only. Not for fall arrest. We no longer offer Adjustable Lobster Claws with Zorber as the do not meet A.C.C.T. Standards. All 1/2" Multiline Lanyards & Lobster Claws are tagged with Manufacture Date, Manufacturer and Minimum Breaking Strength.

Call for more details. (800)845-5692


Choose Style
Harness Connection Types:

Non-Adjustable Lobster Claws - Rope

1/2" Multiline II Rope

Fixed Legs: One leg 36" long, other leg 42" long.

You can choose a girth loop, metal thimble or plastic thimble at the tie-in point. That's right, we offer a Zorber with the standard small eye that can be connected to your harness with a carabiner or a Zorber with a Girth-Loop which removes the need for a carabiner for connection to your harness.

Rated at 4,000 lbs. without Zorber

Rated at 5,000 lbs. with Zorber

With or without Zorber

  ORDERS OVER               $250

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