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More Pulleys and Shear Reduction Devices

CMI Ropes Course Belay Pulley - eXTReme! SERIES

CMI has done it again!
Here is the latest Belay Pulley from CMI. The design allows the user to snap the pulley onto the cable with one hand. All Stainless Steel, ball bearing sheave with a 1" hole.

This pulley has a 14,000-pound minimum breaking strength.

Choose Pulley for 3/8" or 1/2" Cable.







$122.00  Made in USA

Choose for Cable Size

RCU Pulley - eXTReme! SERIES

The Ropes Course Utility Pulley features heavy gauge stainless steel sideplates and hardened long wearing stainless steel sheave w/bushing specifically designed to ride on a steel cable. We also have a model designed for use with rope which has an aluminum sheave w/bushing. Do not use the rope model on cable as it will ruin the sheave.

MBS: 10,000 lbs.

Cable Capacity: 3/8" - 1/2"





$126.50  Cable (CMI RP127) Made in USA

$76.50  Rope (CMI RP126) Made in USA

Cable or Rope Pulley

RSA Pulley - eXTReme! SERIES (Spin Static)

The Rope Saving Anchor is a shear reduction device and the sheave does not spin. Heavy gauge stainless steel sideplates with a 3" aluminum sheave that's been hardcoat anodized for longer wear. The unique design of this pulley allows the sheave to be rotated 180 deg. doubling it's usable life simply by removing the locking bolt and reinstalling after turning the sheave 180 deg. When you are using the RSA Pulley attached to an RCU Pulley and you need it to be orientated with the belayer simply add the Twist-Link Carabiner to make that happen.MBS: 16,000 lbs.Rope Capacity: 1/2"






$136.50  Made in USA

RSA Block - eXTReme! SERIES

The RSA Block is our newest member to the eXTReme! SERIES line-up. This shear reduction device, when attached to a RCU Pulley with one 1/2" Rapid Link, has your belay rope oriented toward the belayer. Constructed with extra heavy stainless steel side plates, half of a 3" sheave and multiple stainless steel rivots for maximum strength and protection.

MBS: 17,000 lbs. 

Rope Capacity: 1/2"



$144.00  Made in USA

RSA Mini Pulley

The Mini RSA Pulley is a smaller compact shear reduction device and economical too. Aluminum side plates & sheave makes this unit light weight.

MBS: 6,700 lbs.

Rope Capacity: 5/8"







2" Service Line Rope Pulley

Blue Anodized Aluminum sideplates.

2" Aluminum sheave

Bearings, and Steel axle. 

Capacity up to 1/2" Rope

CMI: RP 116








$49.80  Made in USA

  ORDERS OVER               $250

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