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Ship Mast Nets

Ship Mast Nets are quite different from a cargo net. The grid isn't as square and uniform as in cargo nets. The grid tapers out from top to bottom. When designing a ship mast net it works best, from the construction aspect, if the top is 1/2 the width of the bottom. If the top is 3' wide the bottom should be 6' wide. Ship mast nets are made with 3/4" mesh ropes and 1" border or frame rope that runs around the net's perimeter and is joint spliced at the bottom side of the net. The grid is constant from one horizontal rope to the next. But the verticle ropes get closer together the closer you get to the top. The verticle ropes may start at 14" apart at the bottom and end up 7" apart at the top. Thus giving the look of a real ship mast net. All ship mast nets have tubular webbing at the bottom corners to help prevent chafing. At the top two corners we secure a pear shape sling link which defines the corner and simplifies installation. We offer ship mast nets with a 9" and 12" tapered grid. The final grid will vary depending on the width at the top and bottom and the overall height. Ship mast nets are sold by the square foot. To calculate the square footage of a ship mast net you add the width of the top and the width of the bottom, divide that by two then multiply that number by the height of the net. That number is what you enter in the quantity box in your shopping cart. If you require assistance calculating the square footage of your ship mast net submit a Contact Form and we will be happy to assist you.

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Tapered Grid Sizes per Square Foot
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2'/4' X 6' = 2' Wide at the Top/ 4' Wide at the Bottom X 6' Tall.

3/4" Mesh Ropes, 1" Border Rope & 12" Tapered Grid - $6.55/sf.

12 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size
12 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size
12 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size

3/4" Mesh Ropes, 1" Border Rope & 9" Tapered Grid - $8.75/sf.

9 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size
9 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size
9 in. Tapered Grid - Choose Size

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