Starlight Outdoor Education-Ropes Course Equipment
Starlight Outdoor Education-Ropes Course Equipment

Bolt Hangers (aka LEAP Anchors), Cable Grab w/Biner, Cable Drop Plates, Detachable Pole Steps, Carriage Bolts & Lag Screws

Cable Grab w/Carabiner

Grab is Stainless Steel

For vertical fall arrest protection. Automatically travels with user. Requires a 3/8" diameter auto locking carabiner. (Included)

For use with 3/8" diameter cable.

Complete Unit

Bolt Hanger, aka LEAP Anchor


Provides a high strength anchor point for staple climbs when the load is a 90 degree pull from the anchor bolt. These are installed with a 5/8" X 6" or 8" Lag Screws or a 5/8" Machine BoltSold separately 

Tensile Strength: 10,000 lbs.

Color: Gray or Orange


Choose Color

5/8" Lag Screw

Hot Dip Galvanized

The 6" and 8" heavy duty lag screws are mainly used to install Bolt Hangers.

Diameter: 5/8"

Length: 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12"


Choose Length

Cable Drop Plate w/Clamp

Hot Dip Galvanized

Installed using a 3/8" Drop Forged Clip, provided, that secures the plate in place on the cable and an attachment can be made with a Rapid Link or steel carabiner thru the large hole.

Size: 3/16" X 2" X 4"



Choose Drop Plate or Drop Plate w/Clamp

Detachable Pole Step

Hot Dip Galvanized

Detachable Pole Steps are used to prevent unauthorized climbing to the point on a pole where permanent steps are installed. A special 9/16"x 4" fetter drive lag screw permanently attaches the mounting plate to the pole. Twisting is prevented by a punched projection. A nail hole is also provided. When attached to a pole, they extend 5-1/2". Steps are turned up at the outside edge to provide a steady foothold. We offer the plate & lag, step or complete units.


Carriage Bolt w/Nut & Washer

Hot Dip Galvanized

Although not pictured we supply you with a nut & round washer so when you are ready to build your platform you have all three components.

Diameter: 1/2"


1/2" Lag Screw w/Washer

Hot Dip Galvanized

Although not shown we supply a round washer with each lag screw. Great for screwing platform legs to the tree or pole.

Diameter: 1/2"


3/4" Lag Screw

Hot Dip Galvanized


Diameter: 3/4"

Length: 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12"

Choose Length

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