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Our Dynamic Rope, Static Rope, Accessory & Prusik Cord as well as Multiline II Rope are all New England Ropes products manufactured by Teufelberger Fiber Ropes, an American manufacturer. We have been selling New England Ropes' products for more than a decade. Tried and true we stand behind their products and so do they.

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Rope History Card

The Rope History Card is a must to keep records of you Dynamic and Static Ropes. We offer these to you at no charge along with any other order you place.

Printed on card stock.

Just submit a Contact Form requesting the Rope History Card and we will include some with you order.

Paypal doesn't have a way to add a no charge item to a shopping cart so we figure this way you can still order them at No Charge.


$0.00  No Charge

Rope History Record
We have the Rope History Record printed on card stock paper but you are welcome to print or save a copy for your records.
Rope_History_Card (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [28.8 KB]


Static ropes

KM Pro is a static kernmantle rope that is perfectly suited for rappelling, caving, rescue, top roping, fixed rope applications, hauling, lifting and life safety applications.

Tech Specs



Originally design for the rope access industry

Workhorse rope for rappelling, caving, fixed lines, hauling, etc.

High strength construction

UV and chemical resistant sheath

Perfect blend of price and performance






Standards: EN 1891A, CI 1801

Core: nylon (polyamide)

Cover: polyester

Braid: 32

Pattern: regular

KM Pro’s construction is rooted in that of our flagship rescue product KMIII®. This ensures superior strength, handling, tenacity, abrasion resistance and low elongation. KM Pro was originally designed for rope access applications. The rope access world requires workhorse ropes that perform at the highest level under constant use in often challenging situations. They need a hard focus on low elongation and high strength but without the ‘cable’ feel of solid polyester ropes. All these characteristics also fit perfectly for static ropes in climbing. For this reason, KM Pro is the right choice if you search for a static rope for rappelling, caving, rescue, top roping, fixed rope applications, hauling or lifting.

KM Pro consists of a nylon core and a polyester cover and it is life safety certified according to EN1891A and CI1801. The MBS is a 35kN (7,865 lbf) with an elongation of only 2.0%. The polyamide core keeps the rope round and supple, even after a lifetime of use. Meanwhile, the polyester sheath protects that core with a static, strong, chemical and UV resistant jacket. The best of it ... you get all that for a very economic price. 


  • Originally designed for the rope access industry
  • Workhorse rope for rappelling, caving, fixed lines, hauling etc.
  • High strength construction
  • UV and chemical resistant sheath
  • Perfect blend of price and performance

Made in Europe! These cords are proudly made by expert crafts men and women in our Czech facility in Veselí nad Lužnicí.




KM PRO Spec Sheet
Details for KM PRO Rope
KM PRO Specs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [48.4 KB]
7/16" X 660' Spool - White or Color

Dynamic Rope

Dynamic climbing lines are the standard for situations where a fall is likely. Dynamic climbing lines are a kernmantle construction of Nylon over Nylon. New England Ropes climbing lines are designed to offer a stable rope with high-energy absorption. This reduces the impact forces on the climber. Each of our climbing lines offers superior abrasion resistance and high durability. Each of New England Ropes Dynamic Climbing lines offers a dry treated core. New England Ropes' Apex Series ropes are designed to provide optimum life safety while permitting the climber to push past his or her personal limits. Apex offers excellent durability with extreme fall protection. Designed to be pushed everyday, Apex ropes provide the long life and safety assurance you have come to expect from MAXIM Dynamic Ropes. We offer 10.5mm and 11mm Dynamic Rope. The 11mm is the most popular on ropes courses when it is Dynamic Rope that is needed. Due to demand all colors may not be readily available. We will notify you by email if there are any issues in your selection. 

Click here for more information on Apex Dynamic Rope.

Diameters: 10.5mm & 11mm

Various Lengths

We offer a color choice for pre-cut lengths of 11mm and full spools of 10.5mm & 11mm.

Made in USA

Even though 660' spools of Technicolor are showing as an option it seems that Teufelberger has discontinued that color. We will make the necessary corrections at a later date.

Size Per Foot
Choose Length
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Price Per Spool
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Price Per Spool
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Dynamic Gym Rope

Chalk Line was specifically developed for the punishment gyms inflict on rope. Whether you have a small gym or big wall the Chalk Line can take the constant falls, and belays. The Str8 Jacet Core allows the Chalk Line to hold its shape and keep the cover and core in balance which virtually eliminates sheath Slippage. This will reduce flat spots and help maintain the performance of the over all rope. The 10.8mm Chalk Line will provide a safe easy belay through a variety of devices while still maintaining its shape.

Due to demand all colors may not be readily available. We will notify you by email if there are any issues in your selection. 


Click here for more information on Gym Rope

Diameter: 10.8mm

Made in USA

Price Per Foot
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Price Per Spool
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KMIII Static Rope

Whether you are rappelling, caving, or exploring the canyons, choose New England Ropes for your static lines. Our KM-III is widely regarded as the best static rope on the market. Our KM-III Max offers the same durability and performance with the added benefit of our twill sheath pattern (TPT) reducing drag through protection and a smoother, more supple feel. The 7/16" is the most widely used size on ropes courses.



Click here for more information on KMII Static Rope.

Diameter: 7/16"

Made in USA

7/16 White or Color Per Foot
Enter Multiple Lengths
Pre-Cuts: Choose Length
Pre-Cuts: Choose Length
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7/16" X 600' Spool
7/16" X 600' Spool
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Multiline II Rope














     Easiest handling, most flexible, and strongest composite rope available on the market.


  • Polyolefin keeps line diameter up without adding weight.
  • Very little water absorption.
  • Multiline II will not break down from UV exposure.
  • Soft, spun polyester is added to the surface for better grip and chafe protection.
  • Medium Lay.


  • Lobster Claws
  • Zip-line Tethers
  • Cargo Nets & Rope Ladders
  • Swing Ropes
  • Hand-lines
  • and the list goes on and on.....

Tensile Strengths: 3/8" - 3,500 lbs.

                                  1/2" - 6,700 lbs.

                                  5/8" - 9,800 lbs.

                                  3/4" - 13,300 lbs.

                                  7/8" - 15,200 lbs.

                                      1" - 19,100 lbs.

Click here for more information on Multiline II Rope.

Made in USA


Choose Size Per Foot
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5mm Tech Cord

New England Ropes' Tech Cord consists of a polyester cover surrounding a core of 100% Technora®. This combination gives the cord extreme strength and abrasion resistance. As a result, our Tech Cord gets extremely high tensile strength. However, the reported tensile strength of Tech Cord, as with any rope, can be significantly reduced when used with a knot. The most recommended knot for this cord is a double fisherman's knot.


Diameter: 5mm

Click here for more information on Tech Cord

Made in USA


Choose per foot or 200' spool


Accessory / Prusik Cord

We are proud to offer New England Ropes accessory and prusik cord. New England's new dynamic prusik cord is designed specifically for use as a prusik. Its sheath construction, firmness, and feel provide superior hold in this application. The Kernmantle construction has excellent grip and is available in 2 contrasting colors per size.


Click here for more information on Prusik Cord.

Click Here for more information on 3mm and 4mm Accessory Cord.

We offer 3mm and 4mm Accessory Cord.

Sizes 5mm - 9mm are Prusik Cord. 

Made in USA

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