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Quick Release, Rapid Links, Spring Snaps, Round Ring & Pear Link

Quick Release Snap

Stainless Steel, type 316

Use these precious little pieces to hoist the climber on the giant swing and watch their face when you pull the release to let them sail.

Available in 2 sizes:


Size   Length    A    B Working Load Breaking Load
Small 90 mm 16 mm 23 mm  1,280 kg 2,000 kg
Large 110 mm 20 mm 26.5 mm 1,600 kg 3,000 kg



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Rapid Link - Maillon Rapide

Zinc Plated

These are the most effective in applications where semi-permanent attachments are made. All the links are zinc plated steel with a long threaded nut closure. Our 1/2" Stainless Steel Rapid Links are the perfect link between our RCU & RSA Pulleys. *We offer French Maillon Rapide Links as well as Chinese Rapid Links. The French Links are much more consistant in quality and dimensions; you get what you pay for.

Size Approx Gate Opening Chinese Working Load Limit (lbs.) French Working Load Limit (kgs.)
1/4" 5/16" 880 400
5/16" 3/8" 1,760 700
3/8" 7/16" 2,200 900
3/8" SS 7/16"                n/a 1,400
7/16" 1/2"                         n/a 1,100
1/2" 9/16" 3,300 1,500
1/2" SS 9/16"              3,300 2,500
9/16" 5/8" 3,900 2,200
5/8" 3/4" 6,100 2,900



Maillon Rapide Sizes
Chinese Sizes

Wide Opening Rapid Link

When your project requires a wider opening Rapid Link, Maillon Rapide offers these Wide Opening Rapid Links.

Perfect for hanging Cargo Nets.





Working Load Limit Breaking Load


7/16"(10mm)  1/2"(12mm)




800 kg

1,000 kg

1,250 kg

4,000 kg

5,000 kg

6,250 kg

9/16"(14mm) 26.5mm 2,000 kg 10,000 kg
5/8"(16mm) 29.5mm 2,500 kg 12,500 kg

Made in France 

Maillon Rapide Sizes

Stainless Steel Wide Opening Rapid Link

Stainless Steel

Made in France.

Size Gate Opening Working Load Limit Breaking Load
1/2"(12mm) 23.5mm 2,200 kg 11,000 kg
9/16"(14mm) 26.5mm 3,100 kg 15,500 kg
5/8"(16mm) 29.5mm 4,000 kg 20,000 kg


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Delta Rapid Link

Zinc Plated

Another fine Maillon Rapide product. When more than one line is being attached this works well.

Made in France





Working Load Limit Breaking Load





550 kg

700 kg

2,750 kg

3,500 kg

7/16"(10mm) 12mm 900 kg 4,500 kg
1/2"(12mm) 15mm 1,100 kg 5,500 kg
9/16"(14mm) 17mm 1,800 kg 9,000 kg
5/8"(16mm) 19mm 2,200 kg 11,000 kg



Pear Shape Rapid Link

Zinc Plated

Made in France 




Working Load Limit



7/16"(10mm) 20.5mm 720 kg 3,600 kg
1/2"(12mm) 23.5mm 880 kg 4,400 kg
9/16"(14mm) 26.5mm 1,440 kg 7,200 kg
5/8"(16mm) 29.5mm 2,000 kg 10,000 kg

Stainless Steel Pear Shaped Rapid Link

Stainless Steel

Made in France.

Size Gate Opening Working Load Limit Breaking Load
1/2"(12mm) 23.5mm 1,500 kg       7,500 kg
9/16"(14mm) 26.5mm 2,100 kg 10,500 kg
5/8"(16mm) 29.5mm 2,700 kg 13,500 kg


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Spring Snap

Zinc Plated

Spring Snap, Spring Hook, Spring Clip or Universal Snap, no matter what you call them they are useful for a variety of applications. Wonderful for hanging a shock cord spider web element.

These are not load rated and should not be used for lifting, climbing or belaying.

Available: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" diameter

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Round Ring

The Steel Weldless Round Ring is most commonly used to make 4 way tug-of-war ropes.



Size: 7/8" x 5-1/2" Diameter

Safe Working Load: 5,600 lbs.



Galvanized Pear Shape Sling Link

We use the 1/2" Galvanized Steel Pear Shape Sling Link in the top corners of our Ship Mast Nets. We are sure you can find uses for it too.


Diameter: 3/8" - WLL 1,800 lbs.

               1/2" - WLL 2,900 lbs.

               5/8" - WLL 4,200 lbs.



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