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Auger Bits, Cable Cutters, Cable Caddy & Come-A-Longs

11/16" Auger Bit - Irwin Tools

For boring utility poles and trees. Bores a nice smooth hole for installing 5/8" bolts.

11/16" for 5/8" Bolts

Irwin Tools


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13/16" Auger Bit - Irwin Tools

For boring utility poles and trees. Bores a nice smooth hole for installing 3/4" bolts.

13/16" for 3/4" Bolts

Irwin Tools


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Cable Cutter

For the money these shearers can't be beat. 

Overall Length: 28"

Cut 3/8" GAC



Cable Cutter Repair Kit

The bolt, nut and two washers needed to repair the 3/8" Cable Cutter. You'll be glad you had one in your toolbox when you are far away from home and your snaps.



Heavy Duty Notched Wire Rope Cutter

The notch in this cutter gives the wire rope a position to rest for a clean cut. The 30" handles give you the leverage to cut up to 1/2" wire rope.

Cut 1/2" Wire Rope



Cable Caddy

Painted Orange

The Cable Caddy is for use in paying out cable or rope. Fabricated of sturdy steel tubing and painted orange; this device will yeild years of service.

*Warning*When using with cable beware of loose end of cable. End may fly up when tape or wrapping is removed. Also spool may try to free wheel if not kept from turning. Use extreme caution to prevent injury to yourself or others.

Maximum Spool Size: 18" diameter x 16" wide.

Capacity: 200 lbs.



Cable Come-A-Long

Used with Haven Grips. This tool is a must for any builder. We offer an inexpensive model for the occasional ropes course builder and an Industrial model for the ones building on a regular basis.


Capacity: 2 Ton

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Chain Puller / Come-A-Long

Heads and shoulders above the Cable Come-A-Long is the Chain Come-A-Long or Chain Puller, Lever Hoist even. This piece of equipment is built for the long haul. We now offer 4 sizes. All of them offer a 5' chain. The 1/4 Ton is so small it will almost fit into your pants pocket.


1/4 Ton w/5' Lift Chain

1/2 Ton w/5' Lift Chain

3/4 Ton w/5' Lift Chain

1-1/2 Ton w/5' Lift Chain

3 Ton w/5' Lift Chain


Made in Japan


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